1. DubbleThud - Music for Home-Recordist and Guests
    Bret Hart

  2. Eidolons
    Various Artists

  3. Aos Pássaros Outonais
    George Christian

  4. Passport to Magonia
    Earth Stepper

  5. Lines and Waves
    Lanier Sammons

  6. Concerto for Solo Actress: The Legend of Yush's Poet
    Ehsan Saboohi

  7. Lanes
    Bruce Hamilton

  8. Frets Of Yore
    Various Artists

  9. Winding
    Bruce Hamilton

  10. resolute
    Marco Oppedisano

  11. Elemental States
    Joe Evans

  12. Phonemes Requiem
    Ehsan Saboohi

  13. Love without Wings

  14. unidentified

  15. Chaos in the Cosmos
    Ehsan Saboohi

  16. Bromma
    Tetuzi Akiyama + Johan Arrias

  17. Possible Worlds Vol. 3
    Various Artists

  18. Septimal
    Joe Evans

  19. I don't think I see a difference
    Marcus Rubio

  20. desolation
    Bruce Bennett + Vance Galloway

  21. I Did What Was Possible to Quiet Us
    Ilia Belorukov

  22. Soundtrack to Travels with H
    Paul Rubenstein


  24. Possible Worlds Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  25. Bass Violin
    Cornelius Dufallo and Patrick Derivaz

  26. aos rios urbanos
    George Christian

  27. Il y a seulement des apparitions
    Vincent Bergeron

  28. Gazing
    J.C. Combs

  29. inkplaces
    andrew young

  30. Night Stories
    Joel Taylor

  31. respect
    Tetuzi Akiyama + Jeff Gburek

  32. Whatcom Weird Vol. 1
    Various Artists

  33. Musica per Nastro (Tape Music)
    Andrea Borghi

  34. La Geographie sans Regret
    George Christian + Mehata Sentimental Legend

  35. Micropangaea
    Brendan Byrnes

  36. Lark [markings]
    Paulo Chagas + Wilhelm Matthies

  37. Axe
    Various Artists

  38. Elle avait raison Hathor
    Vincent Berger Rond

  39. winter in tumultua
    city of the asleep


  41. mash hits vol. 1
    bruce hamilton & friends

  42. Baldy's Shopping
    Jeff Fairbanks

  43. Limestone Gates
    Steve Moshier

  44. Perforate Silence
    Christopher DeLaurenti

  45. Solo Trios
    Paul Rubenstein

    daniel stearns

  47. Possible Worlds
    Various Artists

  48. duopoly
    bruce hamilton & friends


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