by J.C. Combs

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Seattle-based composer and improviser J.C. Combs presents an EP of processed piano recordings, each of the three pieces serving as a sonic reverie between worlds.

"The overall processing is quite low, but it adds a fine alienation to the music, drifting beyond the regular piano music. In 'Apparition', the longest of the three, Combs plays arpeggio's that stop as strangely as they started. I think this was all very nice indeed, reminding me of some of Akira Rabelais' music..." - Vital Weekly

"In each the piano is a distinct element that quite suddenly bleeds into a broader digital aura, as in the opening track, “Recycled Piano,” during which the listener might think that a piano string had come loose and started vibrating all on its own. In “Apparation,” a pulse of a steady beat triggers the sonic equivalent of a lens flare. It’s a beautiful collection, and comes highly recommended." - disquiet

"The composition side of Combs’ work really shines in “Apparition,” which travels through many movements until reaching a peaceful and relaxing end..." - What's Up! Magazine


released June 27, 2013

cover image from the 4AoS blog:

SpecT 21
Spectropol Records 2013




spectropolrecords Bellingham, Washington

Spectropol Records is a friendly netlabel devoted to excellent music unbound by venue and commerce; it’s a destination for adventurous music beyond journalistic and commercial style/genre classifications.

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