winter in tumultua

by city of the asleep

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Nancy Hollo
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Nancy Hollo City of the asleep is a genius. Like tone poems, the music evokes visual imagery and sometimes moments of unbearable beauty. Great rhythms and strange syncopations, too. I was looking for a book on the internet when I stumbled on the world of microtonal music. I dropped everything to listen. Where can I buy Persephone Descends? I must have it!! Favorite track: Raking the Clouds.
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"winter in tumultua" is a scattered narrative depicting a world in chronic upheaval. It is told through a patchwork of sonic textures--glitchy noise wrapped around meandering ragas, atonal piano jazz decaying into industrial film scores, acid-washed ambiance being rudely displaced by chugging kraut-rock. Through these disparate tableaux, the unifying thread of a mathematician's sensibility is woven, in the form of unusual time-signatures and the microtonal scales found within the unusual 17-tone equal temperament (a natural but unconventional alternative to the usual 12-tone equal temperament). Extensive liner notes are included in the download.

"...In conclusion I have to say this is an extremely impressive album. It bears repeating that the xenharmonic nature is clearly not the point. The album stays with one tuning (17 notes per octave, 17 equal divisions of an octave) throughout. As often happens when an artist limits some choices the result can be a boon for creativity. I think that is what occurred with the collection of compositions in this album. I can heartily recommend it and suggest supporting the artist’s future work even though the album is listed as “name your price”. And as a further note Spectropol Records is fast becoming a go-to label for the best in new music, especially microtonal music. I recommend you browse some of their other offerings as well." - Chris Vaisvil


released March 23, 2012

Igliashon Jones




spectropolrecords Bellingham, Washington

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