Jacky Ligon - Numenoctagon

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The last couple of years have been a time of returning to the exotic intonational possibilities of the 23 tone equal temperament, a beautiful and musically resourceful intonation system which differs significantly in sound and harmonic function from our standard Western tuning. Intended for low volume listening and written in a 37 beat metrical cycle, Numenoctagon, incorporates 5, 8 and 13 tone MOS subsets of 23-ED2. This polyphonic composition is written in a style that reveals the subtle sonic nuances of the intonation and features percussion, microtonal glissandi and call-and-response textures within a small ensemble setting.



from Possible Worlds Vol. 2, released November 16, 2013




spectropolrecords Bellingham, Washington

Spectropol Records is a friendly netlabel devoted to excellent music unbound by venue and commerce; it’s a destination for adventurous music beyond journalistic and commercial style/genre classifications.

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